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Welcome to Quietime Scottish Fold Cattery, in Big Sky Country USA, since 1981.

Peace on Earth in Harmony to all!   We support our troops here in Big Sky Montana Country and at
Quietime Scottish Fold Cattery.

Quietime Scottish Fold Cattery is one of the oldest and largest breeders of top quality Scottish Folds in North America. Located in the majestic state of Montana, Quietime Cattery is currently owned and operated by Susan Tyler. 

We strive to produce:  Healthy, playful, sweet, happy, intelligent and loving Scottish Fold cats and kittens. Quietime Cattery specializes in Silver's, Silver Blue's, Bi-colors and others colors are often available.

We invite each of you to read our Testimonials on our home page.  You can send your own Quietime Scottish Fold Cat or Kitten Picture and Testimonial and we would be glad to post it for viewing and enjoyment.

Our Scottish Fold Breeders are registered with Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. (CFA) and people have shown Quietime Scottish Folds at Madison Square Garden in New York, as well as received both National and International Championships.

If you would like more information on a particular Cat or Kitten:

1)  Click on the Kittens Tab or the Adult Cats Tab to pull up our available Scottish Folds.

2)  When you find YOUR Scottish Fold cat or kitten, click on their picture, it will pull up their private information.

3)  When you decide on a Scottish Fold, notify me, so that you won't loose the cat or kitten, I will need to be notified with the following information: 

      a)  Scottish Fold cat or kitten website #; 

      b)  Scottish Fold website name; 

      c)  The NAME of Your local airport & location, for and accurate Total PET Price Quote.

      d)  Payments must arrive when agreed: 1)  Total Price Quote;  2) non-refundable DEPOSIT,  to in fact hold YOUR Scottish Fold.

4)  Deposit and Payment Schedual:

           1)  FIRM Payment Dates will be set, with your approval:  the date will reflect when Quietime would RECEIVE the payment;

           2)  Payment dates & payment amounts - will be discussed with adopting family;  The contract can be void & non-refundable.  Dates of payment and amounts are arranged so that the adopting family is comfortable with the plan and the payment is received by Quietime Cattery on agreed date (s).

           3)  Payments need to be PAID IN FULL by a given date, as I arranged payments to work with adoptee's income dates and amounts that will allow the cat or kitten to be PAID IN FULL at least 2 weeks prior to the specified Shipping Date.

           4)  $40.00 Per Week Boarding charges will be applied:  Paid IN Full - prior to shipping

                a)  If your Scottish Fold is NOT Paid IN Full @ Scheduled Time., agreed on. 

                b)  Personal Situations that arrise I will assess what should happen and YOU will need to notify me, how many days we are talking about.

                 c)  I can not have a Scottish Fold returned, I have a closed cattery.


5)  Scottish Fold Purchased for Breeders: 

      1  Breeding Price will be Quoted, individually.

      2)  Make sure to tell me:  You are Purchasing the Scottish Fold for a BREEDER or it may be fixed before it is sentif you lead me to believe it was SOLD as a PET.  You will be required to have your Veterinarian fill out a Picture I.D. Spay/Neuter Contract and send it back to Quietime to close the file.

6)  I try to get your Scottish Fold shipped on the date that you specify is best for you, if and when possible.

7)  Many people are not interested in kittens:  We have Scottish Folds of many different ages, to fit into anyone's home or life style.  The older cats are are beloved and appreciated companions, that thrive and appreciate just knowing they are the center of your world.  Scottish Folds have a long life span, if cared for.  The older cats can fill many voids:  Seniors, who need a warm body therapy cat to keep them from the loneliness of an empty house.  Empty nest families, due to children moving out and on to school to pursue their professions with new families OR beloved pet passing.  Living with depression, a warm feline companion to touch, to care for, to listen when you talk to them, give affection, company, depend on you and make life happier.  (ask your physician for a prescription, if they feel an animal will help you with your needs, even if you live where they don't allow animals, sometimes they will.)  Everyone knows it is healthy to have human or animal contact, allowing us humans to nurture, carry on a conversation, have a warm body near, a therapeutic, companion to spend time with and happily greet you when you come home.  Students, missing home, life style and daily family support.  Students who are attending college, holding down a job and studying, need a laid back study buddy to greet them after they arrive home from a busy day and a bed buddy at night.

8)  Shipping Day: 

      1)  They have been through a routine Veterinarian Appointment for:  Shots; Health Certificate.

      2)  Additional Charges requested by the Adoptee or Puchaser:  These services provided by our staff OR our Veterinarian will be added to the Total Price Quote, if requested at the time of purchase.  If these services are not requested at the time of purchase, this amount will need to be paid in full, prior to shipping.  If your additional requests of service put us past the agreed shipping date, it may be better to get those things done after they arrive, all requests must be cleared and agreed to by Quietime Cattery Staff - things to consider prior to TOTAL PRICE QUOTE, if you would like them done here.

           a)  Micro-Chip

           b)  Spayed or Neutered, if old enough. 

           c)  De-clawed, only with Doctors Orders - in cases of cancer = specific health reasons.

           d)  ETC.

           E)  Special bedding Requested: 
I do have some nice wireless warm bedding, where their own body heat keeps them warm, washable, nice looking and can use once they get home.

           F)  Special Carrier Requested:               We use USDA & Airline Approved Carriers & required items on the inside and outside:  

           G)  Shipping:  EX:  If necessary, when a connection takes longer than 6 hours lay over, on the ground, to make the connection with their next flight.  It will REQUIRE additional KENNELING CHARGES,  which don't happen often.  I will contact the Kennel Facility and speak with them, making the arrangements, to have their staff pick up your Scottish Fold at the given time/date/airlines and have them back to the airport, checked in, in time for their connection flight.  This time allows your Scottish Fold to get out of the carrier, drink, exercise.  This can happen during the daytime OR overnight.  *** I have never had to use these facilities unless I was shipping out of the USA.

             H)  Quarantine:  EX:  I do quarantines for Hawaii, a Total Price Quote = approximate total, because prices may need to be adjusted, with that much time inbetween.  Additional charges must be paid in full two weeks prior to shipping. 

                   1)  It takes approximately 9 months to quarantine a new kitten = they must be 3 months old to begin x 2 Rabies Shots, with time inbetween each of them.

                    2)  If it is a kitten or cat already past the 3 months age, the quarantine takes approximately 6 months.

                     3)  Quarantines done at Quietime Cattery, allows the cat or kitten to be in a familiar less stressful environment with:  food, schedule, an people they are comfortable with.  Those lucky Scottish Folds going to paradise!

**I will be glad to help you find a Scottish Fold that will best suite to you and your situation, if you would like.  Often when someone is explaining what they are looking for in a Scottish Fold, one will pop into my mind and I will let you know about that cat or kitten.  Be it a cute new Kitten; a comical Young Adult;  a lovely Retired Adult; OR a sweet Golden Oldie,  they will appreciate your love and attention in their 4ever family home.  Can your family fill the requirements that they are looking for?  Can you pass the test?  

 9)  Personal Picture I.D. - Sales Agreement

      a)  Shipped ontop of the carrier with the airway bill, for each Scottish Fold shipped.  

       b)  I require the Sales Agreement Original to be:  Signed, Dated & Returned to Quietime Cattery after they arrive, which will be checked in and placed in their file.

10) Personal PET Scottish Folds come with a Spay or Neuter - Picture I.D. - Contract:

       a)  Shipped ontop of the carrier with airway bill, give to YOUR Veterinarian, when you take your Scottish Fold in to be Spayed or Neutered.

       b)  I REQUIRE all Spay or Neuter Contracts to be filled out by YOUR Veterinarian @ the time of surgery.  YOU will have needed to agree to, mail the Original back to Quietime Cattery after the surgery, so I can log it in and close your Scottish Folds file.   * Files remain on my desk until all required paperwork has been logged in.

        c)  **Keep in mind:  Spay or Neuters need to be done:  AFTER THE KITTENS ARE:  

             1) At least 4 lbs in weight, due to Anesthesia is so hard on little animals OR

             2)  2 weeks before reaching 6 months.

        d)  Cats sold as PET and shipped before they are Spayed OR Neutered: 

               1)  I will need:  All Veterinarian Office information.

                2)  Adult cats that are shipped and still need to be Spayed or Neutered, required:  Within a week or two after their arrival, that can be discussed, prior to shipping.  

Here at Quietime Cattery, we are committed to provide our cats and kittens to loving and nurturing homes that are committ to being their forever after homes, with people who will treasure them as much as we do.  These loving Scottish Fold felines will find their place in your family, as a valued family member. Please remember:  bringing a new Scottish Fold family member into your home brings with it responsibilities.

Should Know:  Once you have placed a deposit on YOUR cat or kitten, YOU are their owner @ that point in time.  If they should have any health issue while here at Quietime Cattery:  needing a scheduled shot, Etc. they will get the best possible care, no matter what the situation may be, they will be cared for on time by our Veterinarian Staff!  Their health and well being will be of utmost importance, by myself and licensed professionals.                      My Veterinarians will be in contact with me for updates if ever necessary and I will keep you informed.  You are deemed the owner, once you have purchased a cat or kitten, during their spay or neuter, Etc.  Any Charges for Routine OR Emergency Care will need to be paid in full, prior to shipping.   I will keep communications open and as clear as I can, with my Veterinarian's help, preferably Emails for communications, convenient and done at any time of day or night, to stay informed.  I have never had anything issues, but want YOU to know the facts.  I do keep cats from 9 to 6 months at a time, in quarantine environment.  In that amount of time, there could be a need to have an extra Veterinarian trip, or an unexpected emergency happen.  With a busy feline, one never knows.   When they are shipped, they will visit our Veterinarian and be given a clean bill of health = Health Certificate and will have their First Rabies Vaccination, IF OLD ENOUGH, prior to shipping.  I try to make up a health record pamphlet that you can use, with all their information logged on the cover and inside.  QUIETIME CATTERY HAS ALL THEIR CATS AND KITTENS CHECKED BY A USDA CERTIFIED VETERINARIAN, they are HEALTHY and SOUND at the time of shipping.


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Many thanks to our 4Ever Scottish Fold Families, that have shared pictures and stories of their beloved QUIETIME CATTERY Scottish Fold family member. 

Everyone enjoys the testimonials and we will add the latest cat capers going on in your lives, if you would like to share.  We have many people enjoying the testimonials, some people are not able to have the real thing, so these stories bring much happiness and the stories bring about a connection for everyone.

Once your Quietime Cattery Scottish Fold has had time to settle in and capture your heart, we here at Quietime Cattery ready to place your picture and your Scottish Fold's Testimonial on Quietime Cattery's sight so everyone can enjoy your photo and embrace those comical moments that only a cat and their companions can pass on to others, to make our day!!! (Pictures in jpeg formate)!     

Want to share?  SEND TO:  quietimecattery@scottishfold.com, Susan Tyler!  We will be glad to get your Quietime Cattery feline up on the sight for you.



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Tipste is here, in the car looking around, very curious. He has been to his water and food, but not sure if he will use his ltter pan before we start driving home. The photos Stefanny took of Tipster once he arrived to her home in Canada showed that he wanted to see everything and was loving the view out her windows of the new world there that was greeting him.
DISCLAIMER: Quietime Cattery reserves the right to deny the sale of any animal for any reason. In addition, we reserve the right to request character references and/or veterniarian references before the sale of any animal is approved. Click on the picture of the cat you are interested in for more details. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger photo. The price listed is for the cat or kitten only! This price does NOT include shipping, insurance, veterinarian costs, crate, boarding costs, etc. To request a full quote, please click on the Email button provided.