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Dear Susan, We are so happy to have Wesley join our family. He is such a handsome, incredibly loving, well-behaved, and well-adjusted Scottish Fold! The last 3 traits are a testament of how well you raised him. It was a long 10 month wait since we decided to quarantine him in Montana instead of here in Hawaii, but you made everything so easy for us. You were so wonderful about sending us photos, keeping us updated, and telling us such descriptive, funny stories about our boy while we waited out his quarantine. It’s like we were there. If anyone ever worries about quarantine or long flights to a new family, tell them to contact us. We are proof positive that you know exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and that you go over and beyond making sure a new kitten leaves and arrives in perfect condition. Little things like making sure all relevant flight staff know there’s a kitten on board, including a bag of his kitten food he was used to eating in Montana to ease the transition, wrapping his bedding in the softest blanket (which he was able to hide under during his long flight to Hawaii – making the trip less stressful), and even including his favorite toy from Montana in his carrier with him! We could tell he came through really well (which could have been a traumatic event – it was a 21 hour journey to Hawaii), because of how well he adjusted after getting here. Within 45 minutes of getting to our house he ventured out of his carrier. Within an hour & a half he felt confident enough to lay out in the open in our hallway, eat, drink, and use his litter box. Within 3 hours, he was taking nap with our teenage daughter (his head resting trustingly in her hand). All of that shows how well you raised Wesley – he was confident once he felt the good/safe vibes coming from his new family & home. We were worried about what type of personality he would have, but he is so incredibly social, loving and well-behaved. He’s also extremely smart just like you mentioned. We want to send you a huge “MAHALO” for all that you’ve done for us/Wesley. Love, Wesley & family

Created By: Scoran