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Dear Susan & Mike: guess what! we're 1 year old TODAY! We told our Daddy that he better write to you both TODAY! yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Dear Friends.... it seems like yesterday that the kitties were 8 weeks old and I met the two of you. The time has wizzed by and the two most precious, darling kitties are growing up into their "adolescent" stage...lol. You can see how dazzling beautiful and handsome they are. And good and sweet and loving and obedient too! Their "integration" with our other three Quietime Boyzzz, Scotty & Dickens is 100% complete but Mr. McGregor is not quite there yet...but getting better all the time! It's impossible to explain where "our time" goes, but there never seems enuf time to write. I hope to be able to send you a video soon. Hope all is well with you and all our 4-legged friends in Montana. Flavia & all our kitties send you their purrs & licks. Thank you again, for letting us "adopt" our precious kitties. They are really a "gift from Heaven." All our love & kisses too, Earl & Flavia

Created By: Scoran