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Hi, there! No one can help but melt when they see the adorable face on my little Betsy. She has quickly become a favorite amongst my friends. I've had her for almost a year now (it'll be a year in May 2011) and she's fitting in quite well with my other two kitties. Her favorite time is spent sitting on the highest level of my kitty tree and watching squirrels in my backyard through the sliding glass door. It took her a while to grow accustomed to me, but I can tell that she's starting to take a shine to me as I have to her. When I'm nearby her in her kitty tree she'll start purring up a storm for me to come pet her, and then when I do she drools out of pleasure... it's pretty darn cute. I'm really enjoying my little lady Betsy cat, and I look forward to even more years with her ahead.. Melanie www.exercisejunky.com INDEPENDENT TEAM BEACHBODY COACH AFAA, TURBO KICK & PIYO CERTIFIED FITNESS INSTRUCTOR

Created By: Scoran