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Kitten #958: suzie-q; dob: 03-23-17. a gorgeous little package = silver tabby, folded; female, scottish fold kitten.

Folded Female

Cat Number: 958
Date of Birth: March 23, 2017
Price: $1,875.00

Kitten #598  -  " Suzie-Q "

DOB: 03-23-2017

Silver Tabby, Folded Ear, Female Kitten, as cute as she can be.

Her tabby markings will become more defined as she grows, what a knockout, even more beautiful than she is now!

Suzie-Q is outgoing, the first out of the nest, has always loved people, even before she could walk.  She likes to play and even convinces her mom to join into her play time!

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Created By: Scoran