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Kitten #957 - "sophie" a gorgeous, medium coated, blue cream puff female, beautifully placed straight ears; big expressive eyes; sweet & loving personality; price reflects spayed pet, inquiries accepted for breeder info.

Non Folded Female

Cat Number: 957
Date of Birth: March 23, 2017
Price: $1,375.00

Kitten #957 - " Miss Sophie "

DOB: 03-23-2017

Such a soft & snuggly little Scottish Fold feline girl, that has captivating, intelligent, alert round EYES;  

Medium length, Blue/ with some tabby patterns on top of Sophie's head, with possible white under coat & belly.   I her photo shoot is a picture of her 3 year old full brother, Mr. Benjamin.  Benjamin's coat is easy to care for, with a good quality of food and vitamins for healthy maintenance.

Sophie has straight ears, placed nicely up on her head, tucked in her coat.

Sophie is a beautiful baby girl with a thick, plush, soft, therapeutic coat, just try to keep your hands off of her.  She is a cutie pie of a kitten, Sophie will be a beautiful knock out at maturity.

A sweet disposition, intelligence, natural beauty and Companion traits that she comes by naturally, will delight the whole family, sharing in giving Sophie attention.

Questions?  Please go to the Comment Tab in the upper right hand corner, to send questions or start adoption processes to adopt your Scottish Fold Kitten.




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Created By: Scoran