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Kitten #957 - "so - so - sophie" a gorgeous, medium coated, blue cream puff female, beautifully placed straight ears; big expressive eyes; sweet & loving personality; price reflects spayed pet, inquiries accepted for breeder info.

Non Folded Female

Cat Number: 957
Date of Birth: March 23, 2017
Price: $1,375.00

Kitten #957 - " So - So - Sophie "

DOB: 03-23-2017

Such a soft & snuggly little Scottish Fold feline girl, that has captivating, intelligent, alert round EYES;  

Medium length, Blue Tabby and white under coat & belly.   **** I included a photo of her full her 3 year old full brother, Mr. Benjamin.  Benjamin's coat is very easy to care for, eating quality food for a healthy coat, low to medium maintenance.

Sophie has straight ears, placed nicely up on her head, tucked inside her coat.

Sophie is a beautiful baby girl with a thick, plush, soft, therapeutic coat, just try to keep your hands off of her, a cutie pie, she has found her purr and will be a beautiful knock out when she is older.

A sweet disposition, intelligent, natural beauty and loving Companion traits will delight everyone giving Sophie attention.  

Having Sophie would make bring much joy to your home.

Questions?  Phone:  406-449-9799 or.                                         Email:  Quietimecattery@scottishfold.com or Quietimecattery@gmail.com





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