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Folded female kitten #957 - sophie: a blue cream puff female, with nicely placed straight ears;; she look gorgeous; sophie has big expressive eyes; sweet. loving personality; price reflects spayed pet, inquiries accepted for breeder info.

Non Folded Female

Cat Number: 957
Date of Birth: March 23, 2017
Price: $1,775.00

Straight Ear, FEMALE KITTEN # 957 -  "SOPHIE"  -  

DOB: 03-23-2017

Such a soft & snuggly little Scottish Fold feline girl, that has captivating, intelligent, alert round EYES;  

Medium length, Blue/ with some tabby patterns on top of Sophie's head, with possible white under coat and white belly, in COLOR;   I will include a photo of her adult, full brother,  Mr. Benjamin in with Sophie's photos, to show you just what a beauty Sophie will be when she grows up, Benjamin's coat is easy to keep nice, just a brushing or combing every week or so.

Straight Ears, that are nicely placed up on her head and hidden down in her coat.

Sophie is a beautiful baby girl who makes it nearly impossible to keep your hands off of her.  Her sweet personality and that absolutely gorgeous soft-thick-therapeutic coat. 

We are giving Sophie lots of pets and cuddlings, getting her used to combing & brushing, trimming of her toenails and comfortable being away from Mommy for short times, to give her the confidence to become a well balanced adult.  




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Created By: Scoran