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Kitten #956 - "blue bear" color: this little guy has substance, largest in the litter. gorgeously folded ears adding to bears already sweet appearance. bear will make a wonderful, loving and attentive companion for your family

Folded Male

Cat Number: 956
Date of Birth: March 23, 2017
Price: $1,875.00

Kitten #956 - " Blue Bear "


This little kitten man, with his Big Round EYES filled with Expression, is just too cute!

Coloring:  Blue & Silver Blue Tabby Stripe colors, make Bear look very regal. This "Blue Bear" is one handsome guy, eye candy from now through out his life, a, Scottish Fold Lad! 

His folded EARS are amazing, giving Bear a nice high capped appearence, just like daddy!

He is a well built, happy, busy, intelligent, healthy baby boy.  

Blue Bear is the largest in his litter.  

Blue Bear is a warm hearted love, quite trusting, enjoys kitten cuddles, petting, brushing, combing, toenail trims, which decensitize him to be a confident young adult.  

If your family adopts "Blue Bear", be prepared to enjoy this Admired Companion's Scottish Fold Qualities for years to come.  

Once Bear has arrived and settled into your home, you won't know what you would do without him, such a sweetie.  Talk to him, include him in everything, like part of the family and he will be happy.

Blue Bear is going to be a feline that you will enjoy looking at, wheather he is showing you all of his kitten moves, or he is just napping!                                     

Questions?  Send from our Comment (Upper right hand corner) tab, to ask questions about this sweet little Scottish Fold Kitten, Thank You.

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Created By: Scoran