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Male kitten #956 - blue bear: blue/ silver blue tabby ; gorgeous folded ear,, sweet and will make a great companion for the whole family

Folded Male

Cat Number: 956
Date of Birth: March 23, 2017
Price: $2,875.00

Folded Male Kitten #956 - Blue Bear


This Handsome kitten, with Big Round EYES filled with Expression;  

Coloring:  Blue & Silver Blue contrast Tabby markings.     Blue Bear is one handsome Scottish Fold Lad.  His markings will become more and more defined, looking Handsome, as he continures to reach maturity.

His capped FOLDED EARS, that are placed beautifully, like his daddy's.

He is a happy, busy, healthy baby boy.  Blue Bear is the largest in his litter.  He is a warm hearted love, very trusting, enjoys his kitten cuddle times, he gets petting all over his body: brushing, combing, trimming toenails and being away from Mommy for short times, all to decensitize him for a confident adult.  

If you or your family are fortunate to bring Blue Bear into your home. You/ and Yours will enjoy all of his Admired Companion -Scottish Fold Qualities for years to come.  Once he has arrived and settled in, you will feel like he has always been part of the family.

Blue Bear is going to be a feline that you will enjoy looking at, wheather hs is playing. lounging or a nap is happening, what a great companion.                                         






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Created By: Scoran