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Kitten #956 - "bear" blue tabby. this little guy has substance, largest in the litter. gorgeously folded ears adding to bears already sweet appearance. bear will make a wonderful, loving and attentive companion for your family

Folded Male

Cat Number: 956
Date of Birth: March 23, 2017
Price: $1,875.00

Kitten #956 - " Bear "

DOB: 03-23-2017h

Blue Tabby, with a short coat.  He is a very handslme/ buff / good sized young male kitten, even at his age.

Big round eyes filled with expression, experiencing and loving life, so many first time things he is encountering, he is very cute.

Bear is a well built, loving, clean, busy snooping around, a rational thinker, intelligent, allert, healthy and a happy bouncing baby boy. 

Bear is the largest kitten in his litter, yet remains gentle and kind to his two sisters.

 Bear is a warm hearted love, enjoys kitten cuddles, enjoys petting, learning about brushing, combing and toenail trims 

If your family adopts "Bear", be prepared to enjoy him as an outstanding Scottish Fold, with Companion qualities that you & yours will enjoy first hand, for years to come.  

Once Bear has arrived and settled into your home, you won't know what you ever did without him in your life, he is such a sweetie.

"Bear" is going to be a feline that you will enjoy looking at, wheather he is showing you all of his newest kitten moves, or he is just lounging around napping!                                     

Questions?  Phone: 406-449-9799 or                                         Email: Quietimecattery@scottishfold.com or Quietimecattery@gmail.com

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