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Sold: going to paradise to be with my new family - touch photos to enlarge for viewing, dob: 11-29-16, mr. wesley, a sweet male, silver blue tabby - straight ear scorttoish fold, ++ personalit, totally handsom and loving

Non Folded Male

Cat Number: 955
Date of Birth: May 29, 2017
Price: $1,500.00

DOB:  11-29-2016    Kitten # 955     Mr. WESLEY

ALoha my family!     Mr. WESLEY:  SOLD to his new Mommy - Lauren,  new Daddy - Eric  and his new Big Sister - Nicole, how lucky am I?!   !!! WE SEND OUR CONGRADULATIONS for your new feline forever family member, with your adoption of this intelligent, sweet, handsome, Scottish Fold baby boy, my name is Mr. WESLEY!

Gorgeous Blue Silver and Blue Tabby, he will be a two tone handsome Scottish Fold.

Straight Ear Male, a happy healthy busy boy.

This Sweet Purr Purr wants to see and know everything going on in his environment being informed and intellligent.

Wesley has all the desired Scottish Fold breed assets needed to be a marvelous feline companion for his new forever family. That is why Wesley is the product of a repeatex breeding, due to quality, beauty and great rational thinking.  Talking with loving attention, sharing everything going on in the household, will make him feel like family.


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Created By: Scoran