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#951 man-of-gold, folded, male, retired, a nice feline man.

Folded Male

Cat Number: 951
Date of Birth: February 26, 2016
Price: $1,600.00

#951 Man-of-Gold: 

A Handsome Scottish Fold;  Silver and Black Mackerel Tabby; Gorgeous Gold Round Eyes;  Retired - 13 year old - DOB: 02-15-2003; such a Sweet Laid Back Scottish Man.

I am a "Regal" looking Scottish Fold, in search of a loving "FOREVER HOME" and "Family" that would be interested sharing their attention and home with me! 

Man-of-Gold is still a "LOOKER", that communicates even when you make eye contact with him.  He will welcome being "SPOILED" in a healthy way.  Being the center of attention sounds good to him.

If he is invited into your loving and caring home, Man-of-Gold will do his best to show his appreciation, by giving back 10 X's over = the "Scottish Fold" way.

A very easy keeper, clean and his beautiful kittens always reflected their daddy's sweet demeaner and looks, which made him so proud.


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Created By: Scoran