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Mr. greyling - young adult #812: silver blue & white, folded male, so sweet. greyling will be not only a loving companion, but something beautiful to look at, playful and loyal.

Folded Male

Cat Number: 812
Date of Birth: March 01, 2009
Price: $1,700.00


Young Adult #812   " Mr. Greyling " unavailable for now, breeding, his kittens will be available soon.

DOB:  03-01-2009

Silver-blue & White in color, with soft subtle peach tone accents that many of my silver blues have, gorgeous.


Soft-Thick-Plush, therapeutic coat, highlighted with beautiful markings that show people wish for.  He is one handsome hunk of a guy!

Good sized boy with, Big round green - gold eyes, lovely round head.  His brothers reside in Hawaii, both of the owners couldn't be happier with them and think they are outstanding. Nicely folded ears  & round mitts, a very buff fellow.

Greyling would be a gorgeous Pet Companion to lounge around and look at or interact with.  He has a solid beauty about him and loads of style.

Sweet, playful, intelligent, good disposition, will talk and so pleasing to look at.

  LOOKING FOR A BREEDER? This price does not inclue breeding rights, registration, pedigree/ USDA health certificate/ shipping: carrier & airfare:  If so inclined - Mr. Greyling is from a litter of (7), which would should give you a heads up for one outstanding breeder.  More to him than his pictures show, great substance and handsome guy, additional fee for breeder/registered CFA.  Out of outstanding bloodlines at Quietime Cattery.

Presented by:  Blue Sage and Diamond



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Created By: Scoran